During the difficult times we are facing right now during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is common to want to reach out and help others. Of course, we need to be mindful to keep our social distance and be sure to prevent the spread of the virus. If you are looking for ways to give back during the Coronavirus, here are ten ways you can help.

1. Order Takeout from Local Restaurants
Local restaurants are going to be some of the hardest hit the hardest by dine-in closures. If you can, order takeout to help them stay in business. Here is a growing list of Raleigh area restaurants offering takeout and delivery: http://hp2.08d.myftpupload.com/blog/north-raleigh-restaurants-for-curbside-or-take-out/

2. Offer to Deliver Groceries and Essentials for the At Risk
If you know someone who is immune-compromised or you want to volunteer, there are so many stuck at home who need groceries and supplies. Please be sure to be mindful of the spread of germs through this process, even if you are feeling well.

3. Host a Displaced Student
With the closure of many campuses, many onsite students need a place to stay. Call your local universities and community colleges to see your options for housing displaced students.

4. Buy a Gift Card from Local Businesses
If you aren’t able to shop, buy a gift card from a local business. This still gives them business, and you can shop at a later date when the virus has passed. If you can’t make it into their store, call and see if you can do an online gift card.

5. Tutor Students from Home
If you know someone who could use a little extra help, consider tutoring math, science, or another subject from your computer. Even just finding resources for overwhelmed parents and teachers can be a big help. This can also be done virtually through platforms like Zoom!

6. Donate to Nonprofits
Without the ability to host fundraisers and events, nonprofits need donations more than ever right now. Go to your favorite nonprofit’s website and see if there is a way you can help.

7. Donate Food and Supplies to Those in Need
If you have extra food or even toilet paper, consider donating to those who are in need. Homeless people and low-income housing families likely still need supplies. Any help you can give will go a long way.

8. Offer to Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank
With the influx of people needing food, food banks need extra volunteers. If you’re willing to help, they could always use an extra hand or two. Many food banks also need delivery drivers.

9. Donate Blood or Plasma to the American Red Cross
If you’re eligible to donate, the American Red Cross is looking for donations! If you can’t donate, spread the word and encourage people to head to their local American Red Cross.

10. Reach Out to Family and Friends
If you don’t have extra supplies, you can still offer your emotional support to friends and family during this difficult time. Letting them know they always have someone to reach out to can mean the world.

If you are looking for ways to help your community or even the world, these ten ways will make a big difference!!