Covid-19 is causing us all to remain safe at home with the exception of essential travel and with that, I believe we are all getting a little restless. Luckily, there is likely still a lot that we can do from the comfort of our homes. Here are 15 ways to keep kids occupied while we remain safe at home.

1. Give a Learning App a Try

There are a ton of great free apps out there to help your kids learn new languages, practice reading, and more!

2. Virtually Visit the Zoo

Many zoos and aquariums are offering live streams at no cost for your family!

3. Let Them Get Creative

Break out the art supplies and let your kids color, paint, or draw to their heart’s content.

4. Get Them Involved in Meal Time Prep

Get your kids in the kitchen to help with dinner. Many kids can handle simple tasks such as peeling or stirring.

5. Do a STEM Activity or Two

Encourage learning at home by allowing your kids to do a few STEM activities.

6. Let Your Kids Put on a Play

Have your kids dress in costumes and put on a play for you! This is an excellent way for them to channel their creativity.

7. Turn Your Living Room into a Home Theatre

Turn off the lights and pop some popcorn to create your own home theatre at home.

8. Have Your Kids Help Out Around the House

Need a hand around the house? Why not let your kids try to help! Many younger kids can still do basic tasks such as dusting or sweeping.

9. Create an Idea Box for Your Kids

Have your kids sit down and make a list of fun ideas! This way, when they’re bored, they can pick a new idea.

10. Play in the Backyard

If you are willing to keep your kids contained in an outdoor space, letting them play in the backyard is still a great option. Proceed with caution and limit your outdoor time if you can.

11. Create a Virtual Play Date

Let your kids play with their friends virtually through online games or FaceTime.

12. Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Start growing your own indoor garden with a few mason jars and some seeds.

13. Listen to an Audiobook

Download an audiobook or two and let your phone or tablet do the reading for them. There are a ton of free audiobooks you can check out from your library too.

14. Let Your Kids Camp Inside or in the Backyard

Set up the tent and let your kids have their very own camping trip!

15. Make a Family Tree

Do some research and help your kids design their very own family tree!


Stay positive and busy with these 15 fun things to do while you’re safe at home. Above all else, enjoy your time together. It’s not often at all that we are all told to stay at home. While these times are unprecedented and likely to cause stress, pause and find the good.