Camping in your backyard is one of those things every child dreams of doing at least once in their life. It’s also an incredibly easy way to do something unique that will stave off boredom which becomes a risk when you’re at home all summer. Camping in your yard is so easy in fact you might end up making it a regular event. 


1. Set Up Tents

First things first, set up your tent (or tents!!) in your backyard. While a lot of people will set them up facing towards their back door and along the far edge of their yard, I actually recommend the exact opposite. Set up your tents near the back door but facing towards the rest of the yard. It’ll help give that feeling that you aren’t at home.


2. Hang Outdoor Lights

Rather than turning on the back porch light when it starts getting dark, break out some outdoor lights. These can be a string of holiday lights or even a regular camping lantern. Also, make sure that each tent has at least one flashlight, just in case anyone has to get up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom. 


3. Cook Outdoors

One of the best things about camping is getting to cook and eat outdoors!! Break out your BBQ, cook over your bonfire, or even break out the camping stove. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should all be made and eaten outside. 


4. Build a Fire Pit

If you don’t already have a fire pit in your backyard then this is the perfect excuse to make one! Make sure that you’re well away from trees, fences, and buildings that could easily catch on fire. Then stack up some stones to make yourself a nice little fire pit. 


5. Make S’mores

No matter what your source for cooking is, this is the perfect excuse to make s’mores! 


6. Watch a Movie Outdoors

There are some benefits to camping in your backyard rather than out in nature, one of them being the access to electricity and the ability to watch movies outdoors. If you’ve got a projector you can put up a white sheet and watch a movie together. This is one of those unique experiences that is sure to be a hit with the whole family.


7. Star Gaze 

If you’re lucky enough to live far enough out of the city to see stars then break out a telescope along with your favorite star app and see what you can spot in the night sky. This is a great opportunity to inspire your kids to fall in love with astronomy as they learn interesting facts about the stars they can see.


8. Have a “House is Only for the Bathroom” Rule

The most important thing you can do when you’re enjoying the backyard camping experience is to make the rule that the house is for the bathroom only. Make sure the kids know they’ll only have the books and toys they bring with them and this applies to the grownups too! Pretend the house doesn’t exist for those couple of days you’re camping.