When it comes to cleaning and organizing, the pantry seems to land low on our to-do list far too often. This upcoming spring cleaning, we are making it a top priority to use all the resources we can to have the most PERFECT pantry! For your convenience, we have gathered a list of methods and resources for you to start your journey of organizing your pantry!


Creative Storage Spaces

When you have an abundance of bulk food such as canned goods, granola bars, etc, a fun way to keep your pantry organized is to add some creative storage spaces. Not only is adding a few colorful bins or metal baskets going to make your pantry POP, but it will clear up space to make room for more and make it look a little less cluttered! 


Add a Splash of Color or Design

A back-splash is not just for your kitchen! Upgrade your pantry with a fun new back-splash! You can add the same back-splash in your kitchen, or shake it up a bit and add a different back-splash for a cool accent! If you’re not feeling a back-splash, painting your pantry a new color or repainting it to freshen it up is also a good way to clean up your pantry! You can click here to get some ideas to add some color and design to your pantry!


Label, Label, Label!

Although not COMPLETELY necessary, labeling items in your pantry can be super fun and something extra to do when creating your perfect pantry! Labeling is also something that can simply just enhance the look of your pantry making it look and feel more organized! You can have fun with the lettering when it comes to labeling your items, containers, and bins such as using calligraphy fonts or fun standard lettering!


Remember Your Door

Don’t forget about your door!! You can utilize this extra space for storage! A big hit when it comes to your kitchen pantry door is a snack organizer. This is something easy you can hang on your door for quick snacks like granola bars or fruit snacks for you to just grab and go! Another way to utilize your pantry door is a hanging spice rack! This is another great way to spice up your pantry!!


Dump the Packaging!

Recycle those cardboard boxes and go and snag yourself some clear storage containers!! Not only does using these clear containers keep your pantry organized and open up space, but it gives your pantry a more cohesive look!! There are also storage containers prepared for LABELING!! With these containers you can knock out both projects!


Don’t Hide the Wine!

Glam up your pantry with a chic wine holder or display! Wood is the perfect resource to use when creating or buying a wine display because of its protection and durability! This is another fun and creative way to reinvent your pantry or even kitchen!