As you prepare to put your home on the market, making your home feel as spacious as possible — both physically and visually — becomes paramount.  Potential home buyers will be accessing every inch as they walk through your home.  Fortunately, you can implement several creative tips for making your space feel bigger.  


Light Up Your Space

Brighten up dimly lit rooms, which can appear small and drab.  You easily can add in a table lamp or floor lamp here and there to lighten any corner.  Another easy fix involves switching out the light bulbs in light fixtures and lamps to their maximum wattage, again to increase the overall light in a given room.  

In addition, hanging a large mirror on a wall will reflect light around a room, making the space seem larger at first glance.


Make Windows Seem Bigger

Take stock of all your windows and any accompanying window treatments.  Rehang, or even completely remove, curtains that may be limiting the amount of natural light streaming in.  Rule of thumb says that curtain panels should be hung high and wide, which will make a window seem larger and the ceiling seem higher.  A curtain rod should be hung well above the top of the window, ideally half way or even as high as two-thirds of the way between the window and the ceiling.  Likewise, the panels on the side should rest primarily on the wall, only grazing the window on the sides.


Eliminate Extra Furniture

Store away items such as random chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture tucked here and there but that serve no other purpose than to fill space.  Moving them out will open up “free” space in your living areas.  Similarly, space can seem larger by removing a couple chairs and a leaf from the dining room table, pulling out a bar stool from the line up at the kitchen island or eliminating an oversized basket filled with blankets sitting on the floor.  Tucking away these items will make the surrounding space seem larger.


Clear the Decks 

This goes without saying but corral the clutter on ALL surfaces.  In your kitchen, do a clean sweep of items off the counters, leaving only a couple choice items such as a potted plant or a stack of attractive cookbooks.  In the bathroom, stow away toiletries and related items of everyday living that typically crowd the counter.  Generously edit bookcases, tables and fireplace mantels to create a lighter look.  

Don’t forget the garage.  Store away the clutter and organize the space.  Go vertical by hanging bikes and other items on the walls to increase valuable floor space.   


Edit Your Closets and Shelves

Potential buyers will open and peer into clothing closets, pantries, cupboards or anything with a closed door so make sure these hidden areas look spacious.  This easiest step for increasing the space in your clothing closets is to remove 50 percent or more of the contents.  This will make the closet look more organized and roomier than it actually is.  Likewise, straighten up your linen closet and kitchen cupboards to leave some visual space.  Leaving part of a shelf empty gives the impression of extra storage space.  



These steps are all simple to do and relatively budget neutral but will yield huge results.  So dig in and make your home seem bigger than its actual square footage.