Sticking to a simple palette with just a few colors can make a bright and bold holiday statement that is attractive and appealing to everyone. And by using slightly unexpected colors you can boost the drama in your home even more.

Selecting the perfect color for your home may be as simple as picking your favorite. Do you love blue? Or maybe you really love to be surrounded by green? Or maybe you love a non-traditional holiday color such as turquoise.

Another way to select your colors is to go for something that contrasts with your home. Using the same hues you have in your home can be very elegant and give you a beautiful, unifying theme. But choosing something that contrasts can be brilliant and bold and sometimes that’s what Christmas decorating is all about.

Another way to choose a color scheme is a little more practical. Base it on your pre-existing stash. Are there favorite family ornaments you just can’t bear to leave in storage? Well, then they become the basis for your color palette. Or do you have a large collection of red ornaments? If so, haul out those red ones and leave the others in the box. Freshen the entire arrangement by picking up a few new ornaments to spice up the display.

Now that you’ve picked your color scheme and added some new and maybe some unexpected decorations you need to carry that theme through your other decorated rooms. You don’t have to decorate the entire house in the same scheme but if you choose to it’s a good idea to vary it a little bit. It can be as easy as varying the intensity of the color or the hue that you accent.

If you do choose to do other colors throughout the house it’s best to have some unifying theme. Select colors that look good together and use silver or white or gold or some other “holiday neutral” color to tie everything together and express your festive side.

Still need some color combination ideas? Here are a few for inspiration:


Cream And Black

This contemporary color scheme will give you an understated yet elegant look for the holidays. 


Mix and match metallics or go for just one unified color: gold, silver or copper. 

Orange And Blue

Frosty blue can get a punch of color from bright orange in this fresh scheme. 

 Blue And Gold

Switch to this duo rather than the traditional blue and silver. 

Blue And Purple

Choose these rich jewels tones for a dazzling display.

Mint Green And White

Go for a softer look with a minty green and crisp white.

 Pink And Green

Skip the red and substitute pink for a fresh take on holiday colors.