Spring is right around the corner which means the season of deep cleaning is starting to arrive. While spring cleaning can be a dread, the satisfaction of having a deep cleaned and organized room certainly makes up for all the hard work put in. Here are a few tips on spring cleaning this season and what you can do to make your house cleaner and more organized than ever before!

Deep Clean

While you might feel like you have constantly been cleaning due to the Corona-virus Pandemic, it can never hurt to give your house a deep cleaning. There are certain areas of your house that are very obvious when it comes to cleaning your house such as the bathrooms, your bedrooms, closets, and pantries. However, it’s in the nooks and crannies of your home that you would never really think about cleaning regularly. 

Walls and Baseboards

It’s surprising how much dirt and grime you can discover by cleaning your walls and baseboards. Give them a good scrub this spring cleaning season! A really good solution to use when cleaning these areas in your home is actually a water and vinegar solution! Mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar with half a gallon of warm water and using a sponge or cloth to scrub is the best way to remove dirt and grime from your walls and baseboards!


Not only is cleaning your windows important for a fresh and clean look, but it’s also important to remember your windowsill. This is something that can be forgotten but is actually important to remember year round. Window Sills are prone to collecting dust; however, when the window condensates there is a potential for mold to grow. Using a bleach solution is a good method to use to kill the mold. If bleach is not something you are comfortable with using, go ahead and use the vinegar and warm water solution! That is also a good solution to get rid of dust. 


When cleaning grout, you need to be careful with the products you are using because unlike the tile, grout is less durable and can erode easily if you use harsh chemicals and products to clean it. Try to stray away from bleach and go for a more gentle approach with just warm water and a cleaning brush. If that is unsuccessful, using an at home solution such as baking soda and vinegar mixture with a scrubbing brush can lead to more successful results!

 Essential Cleaning Products

It never hurts to check your cleaning supplies to see if you have everything you need this season! There are some products that you absolutely need on your Spring cleaning supplies checklist to get the job done. As you read above, vinegar, baking soda and a scrubbing brush are essentials for spring cleaning. Bleach is also something that you could find very useful for deep cleaning. Having a good pair of rubber gloves to use when handling bleach is important because bleach is such a harsh product and getting it on your bare skin can lead to irritation. Having a good hardwood floor cleaner and carpet cleaner are important to get all the dirt and grime off of your floors! The carpet cleaner can also be used for giving the inside of your car a good deep clean this spring. 


This Spring cleaning season, put in a little extra time to organize those cabinets, closets, and even your pantry! Some good essentials to have when organizing this spring are reusable food storage containers, clothes and bedding storage organizers, bathroom organization, etc. Go the extra mile and clear up some space in your closet and store your winter clothes and extra bedding. This will make your closet look more open and less cluttered! The same thing can be done with your pantry and bathrooms. Not only does it open up space and make things look less cluttered, but the end result is extremely cute and satisfying!

De-clutter and Donate!

While cleaning out our closets and cabinets, we tend to find things we haven’t seen in a while. Go through your closets and drawers, collect all the items you find no need for anymore and head to the nearest donation center and donate!