Spring Flowers And Their Meanings


Spring signals the renewal of life and flowers are a big part of that visual representation after a long winter. Whether you’re growing your own flowers or are enjoying a bouquet that you pick up at your local grocery store, here are a few reminders of springtime blooms and their sweet symbolic meanings. 



Perhaps one of the most iconic spring flowers is the tulip because it’s one of the first to bloom with the change of the seasons. These gorgeous flowers symbolize deep and perfect love. The beauty of the flowers is also apparent in their striking manifestation of color. Deeply saturated hues of red, yellow and purple pair beautifully with snowy white, blush pink, and delicate peach tones. What a stunning way to celebrate spring!



Heralding spring, this early blooming flower in shades of purple, yellow and white signifies that a new season has arrived. Perfect as a low groundcover flower, this easy to grow bloom is said to symbolize youth, innocence and rebirth. These cheerful flowers would be a welcome addition to any garden.



Riches, honor, prosperity and good fortune are meanings attributed to peonies. The lush and full blooms of this flower make it a favorite to display in a tabletop arrangement. Available in a wide array of enticing colors, their aroma is also a favorite among flower enthusiasts. Perfect for weddings, celebrations or just to enjoy in your home, peonies are a grand way to celebrate spring.



Dahlias are said to represent lasting grace and inner strength. It’s a beautiful sentiment for these gorgeous flowers that are characterized by multi-layered petals that are stacked to create a large bloom. You’ll see dahlias in shades of red, white and a dark burgundy, making them a spectacular bouquet that’s perfect for almost any occasion.


Lily Of The Valley

These small white or pink flowers are always a welcome treat to see pop up in a springtime garden around the month of May. They’re particularly gorgeous along a pathway or planted alongside hostas. In addition to being one of the most fragrant flowers, lily of the valley is said to symbolize sweetness, purity and motherhood.



Sunny gerberas are thought to symbolize joy, happiness and fun. It’s no wonder, since these sun-loving blooms are sure to bring a smile to anyone who receives them as a gift. Their brightly colored petals make stunning arrangements no matter if you group them together monochromatically or mix them into a stunning rainbow of color.